ISIS security products: the company

The company, formed in 1999, is a multi aspect solution driven design and manufacturing operation within the security, communications, HVAC, environmental control, BMS and electrical industries.

Based in Wiltshire with UK design and manufacturing facilities for metalwork, low voltage power supplies, access control, surveillance solutions, lighting and bespoke cabinet/electronics assembly, the company specialises in both volume standard production and customised specific solutions for more involved customer needs.

It prides itself in working with its customers to develop designs for their systems and OEM needs. The customer base includes Fujitsu Telecomms, BNFL, BT, Tyco, Johnson Controls, Schneider Electric, RS, Farnell and many other companies in the commercial sector, and Network Rail and government agencies for some of its bespoke solutions.

The company supplies around the world, with its EIRO registration, both through its corporate customers and on a direct export basis.

It is currently involved in addressing export programmes to enhance its strong corporate identity and continue to raise the profile of the company in the various markets and countries in which it operates, and is actively seeking distributors of suitable profile in various countries across the world.

If you would like to become an Isis distributor, please e-mail to: